Women In Online Gaming Are Taking The Lead

Women in online games are not a new fact. There has been a history of supporting this. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, when the world saw a new genre advancing the arena, online games had become the parcel of women’s recreation.

Earlier Status Of Women In Playing Online Games

According to a researcher, when women started to play online games, they would play games which a little girl would like to play. In an audience poll, it came as a subject to discuss that the women play online games in a ratio of 52%. This show that the majority of women play games.

Female Protagonists Are Now Turning Characters Of Online Games

Online games with female protagonists are now widely accepted. This is the reason why most women are turning an eye on video games or online games. A lot of capital is made out of the female character roles playing in online games. The average female gamer plays for at least 13 years, and this is quite a number in the changing culture of the gaming.

Women Are Bringing In Capital

Unlike the past, most of the abroad countries are driving capital from the video or online games rather than movie theatres. There are so many records of best –selling games which are running in the entertainment industry for so long.

Gaming In 2011

In 2011, 30 million males and 18 million females played online games on various mediums. It was then witnessed that around 1.2 million girls and women played five days a week or even more than that.

Gaming In 2014

In the year 2014, female gamers showed an uprising of 70 percent. On the other hand, makes grew only by 45 percent.

Women Have Made Very Popular Online Games

There are games namely Monopoly and Portal games which are rendered by both males and females. These games developed by females are being played worldwide with huge sales and profit.  Female gamers are putting their efforts to bring a revolution for women to speak up and land a position in the gaming industry. By 2020, it is assumed that women will change the landscape in terms of gaming.

Women Have Made Gaming To Continue

Within the industry, women have made changes over the years seeking the same repute that man is getting in the gaming industry. Women of this time are more akin to develop numerous games to play online for players.

It Is No Longer A Man’s World

Women are conquering every space they possibly can. The percentage of women speaking in conferences about online games is expanding at large. Women of this time are developing, acting, and dubbing for online games. The graph is increasing in doubly at the latest time. There are no different games for male and female. The same game women are playing with all excellence like the men. Core gamers are now considered to be a major part of women than men.